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Complete Fuel Site Solutions for Retail, Fleets & Mission-Critical Operations

What makes PEI the petroleum equipment consultant, installer and servicer of choice for the industries we serve? Some would say it’s our unmatched level of expertise and access to the finest and most reliable products available. Others will tell you it’s because we don’t just recommend any product. We work with engineers, owner-operators and maintenance teams to find the best way to achieve regulatory compliance while meeting your specific fueling requirements.

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Retail & Fleet

Complete fuel site equipment and design-build support for convenience stores, municipal and private fleets.

Industrial & Commercial Fuel Systems

Backup systems for power, boilers and chillers for manufacturing facilities and commercial industries.

Hospitals & Life Critical Fuel Systems

Solutions for emergency and standby power systems for mission-critical health care facilities.

Data Center
Fuel Systems

Fuel systems and solutions for safeguarding IT systems and sensitive data for companies and organizations.